A collective of growth and go-to-market specialists launching the next generation of decentralized finance protocols.

DeFi Mission

agency0x's mission is to speed up the adoption of decentralized finance technology — by which we mean decentralized protocols and products built on Ethereum ecosystem — to benefit people worldwide. We aim to bring the benefits of DeFi to millions and will consider our mission fulfilled when blockchain technology is a global settlement layer.

Growing DeFi

We run cutting edge customer acquisition, marketing and PR campaigns to help DeFi projects launch and scale. The growth playbook for blockchain companies is constantly evolving, therefore we offer custom go-to-market and growth strategies based on the unique goals of the teams we work with. Our strategies are focussed onin-depth analysis of the the industry and our strong relationships with ecosystem partners such as media, users, LPs, investors and influencers.


We previously worked with and advised teams such as Akropolis, Indexed, Notional, SportX, Balance, Hashflow, Lolli, PowerTrade and many more.
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agency0x has a community commitment to give 2% of profits to fund Ethereum projects and infrastructure through Gitcoin grants and DAO contributions. To date we have supported 3 rounds of gitcoin and a few DAOs.

Join Us

We welcome all growth people to join us on discord to discuss growth projects and share alpha.
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