Strategic advertising campaigns designed to help cryptocurrency exchanges and startups scale user acquisition.

Advertising Strategy

agency0x has recently developed a hybrid advertising strategy to help cryptocurrency and blockchain startups scale their brand awareness and user acquisition.

Growth Through Ads

Successful Ad campaigns require excellent planning, unique creative assets, smart targeting and iteration based on data to be successful. Over the last few years our team have spent millions on ad campaigns for ecommerce and fintech startups, now we have developed a strategy for cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and startups.

Ad Network Partners

agency0x works with the following ad networks:

- Twitter Ads (pending approval)
- Google Ads (pending approval)
- Facebook and Instagram Ads (pending approval)
- Reddit Ads
- Web Ads
- Apple App Store Ads


agency0x is currently running advertising campaigns two leading exchanges and one wallet client.

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agency0x has a community commitment to give 2.5% of profits to fund Ethereum projects and infrastructure through Gitcoin grants and DAO contributions.